Safe & Secure Contactless Payments

Person to Person - P2P

Send and/or request money with friends, family, or anyone. Fundz® makes person to person payments super easy, safe and secure.
Unique to the Fundz® App is the capability to start a pool with your family, friends, colleagues & teammates to jointly pay for meals, trips, gifts or even charities. Fundz® makes it easy to securely collect money, and then pay people and merchants directly, or just transfer it back to your bank.

Create a new Fund

Invite someone to a fund you've created

See status of invites sent

See status/balance of Funds you created

See list of invites to others’ Funds

Add a credit card to load money into Fundz

Send or request money

Manage credit and debit cards

Add bank account

Transfer money to your bank account

See your transaction history

Request load from bank account (ACH in)

Pay Businesses - P2M

With Fundz® you are always in control.
Easily pay at a growing number of participating merchants. With most mobile payment apps you are required to pay the entire amount requested by the merchant, but with Fundz® you are in control! You decide how much you want to send to the merchant through Fundz®, you can make up the rest with cash, or however you decide.


Be rewarded for being loyal to the merchants you frequent and for using Fundz®.  Automatically earn points at participating merchants that you can redeem for goods or services they provide. The more you use Fundz® the more Fundz® rewards you with Points that you use to claim special deals at some of your favorite businesses!


Because you use Fundz®, businesses see you as a trend-setting, valuable person! They want to entice you with offers, which you can peruse at your leisure in the Offerz section of the Fundz® App.

Crypto Currency

Everyone talks about cryptocurrencies, but it’s always been difficult to purchase and use cryptos. Fundz® not only has a built-in exchange that lets you easily purchase various cryptos, but it also allows you to convert your crypto balances into a more usable Fundz® balance.

Fundz® Card

For those occasions when you encounter a store or business that doesn’t currently accept Fundz®, simply use your Fundz® debit card to pay in the traditional way, using your Fundz® balance.

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